About this blog

I can not summarize the reason for writing this blog any better than Steve Yegge, who has been writing Drunken Rants for a while now.

This is why you should write blogs.

If you’ve read that (which I myself have to go back and read sometime), you’ll know that this is basically just a blog to explain things to myself. Which also makes me think of the following quote:

An artist is also a member of art’s audience, and as
such he shares our interests; but finally he is
interested in something else. He is interested in
demonstrating to himself, by the authority of his work,
that his world is not an illusion, not an invention of
the imagination, but rather a real world, of which he
is therefore a real part. So if we ask the question,
what did Ansel Adams do for us? One useful answer
would be: nothing; he did it all for himself.

The quote was written by John Szarkowski, and appeared at the SF-MOMA exhibit: “Ansel Adams at 100”.

Lastly, I’m a software developer, work primarily in Java and spend most of my time on the jBPM framework. Given that there’s enough stuff on the internet, my goal is to only add posts that are in some way informative and relate to my professional work.

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