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EE6/AS7 jBPM wars

One of the problems with running jBPM on jBoss AS7 was that there was a fair amount of (re)configuration necessary to get everything working.

This was enough of a problem that me and Maciej worked together last week to create assembly files (which are used by the mvn-assembly-plugin) which will create wars that will run on EE6 servers, with an emphasis on AS7 of course.

The main changes are as follows:

  • The persistence configurations for jBPM are JPA 1 — in the EE6 jars, we’ve added JPA 2 based persistence configurations for both the human-task war and the jbpm-console (server) war.
  • The Hibernate 3 dependencies have been eliminated from the EE6 wars — in fact, there are no Hibernate (or other ORM) dependencies in the war. That works well with AS7, but may prove a problem with other EE 6 application servers (glassfish, websphere). I think that once the Hibernate 4 framework goes through another couple versions and is stabler, we can then add those dependencies into the wars in order to make sure that those wars work on all possible application servers.
  • Unfortunately, Hibernate 3 has a lot of transitive dependencies that were also being included in the wars — mostly dependencies that were introduced via the dom4j dependency. These dependencies were also removed from the EE6 jars.

The new wars have the same name as the “normal” Java EE 5 wars, except that they have “EE6” as the maven classifier. That means that their names are something similar to the following:

  • jbpm-human-task-5.4.0.Final-EE6.war
  • jbpm-gwt-console-server-5.4.0.Final-EE6.war
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