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The Valve Handbook

When I was in college, I saw the movie “The Matrix” a couple times. I only watched it 3 times maybe, but I never watch movies multiple times (Okay, except for my favorite movie ever, but that’s another story).

In any case, I would get so psyched to code after watching that. When I had a project I needed to code for school that I just wasn’t enjoying that much — or when I just wasn’t motivated to work, I’d watch the Matrix and it would just psyche me up to build the worlds I was building in my code.

I think it was the sense of discovering and creating your own worlds that “The Matrix” conveys — the way it brought me in touch with that feeling in myself, and how I’ve always enjoyed that.

The (“leaked”) Valve handbook does that for me now — if I had theoretically read it, of course. But if I had read it, I would say that it is infused with that joy of creating. And I can’t help but be contaminated by that when I read it.

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